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La colere is a singer-songwriter and producer of Electro-pop music based in Switzerland.

She began rumbling in November 2018 with her debut EP “Surface”. A production that immediately wins her the Demotape clinic Award in the electronic category at the M4music festival in Zurich. An award that propelled her on Swiss radio.

After a tour of major European festivals: Eurosonic, Reeperbahn, Sudwave, Caribana Festival, Antigel, she released “La Vague”, her first album, in January 2020, blending a Balearic climate and uneasy chills with retro-futuristic hits such as “La Plage” and “Eau Salée”.

She released a new EP in November 2022, with 7 tracks including “Rayon” and “Tutti Quanti”, which earned her the title of Inouïs 2023 and established her on the francophone scene. Her subtly eighties electronica, doped with synthesizers and haunting sung vocals, literally invites you to travel, while retaining that icy, dignified edge dear to the Scandinavians of Röyksopp or The Knife.

This summer, she kicks off a tour of Switzerland, stopping off at one of the country’s most emblematic festivals, the Paléo Festival. She takes the train at high speed and explores a slightly darker side, BPM are rising. New tracks are in the pipeline, such as “La Roche Pleure”, due for release in September. Hot, cold and soft, La Colère will present its tracks with a visual and singular live show on Swiss and European stages.