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La colère is a singer, songwriter and producer of Electropop music based in Geneva.

La colère started to rumble in November 2018 with her first debut EP “Surface”. A piece that immediately made her win the Demotape clinic Award in the electronic category at the M4music festival in Zurich. An award which propelled her on the Swiss radio stations. 

After a series of acclaimed concerts (Caribana Festival, La Bâtie, Reeperbahn Festival, Sudwave, Eurosonic), she released “La Vague”, her first album in January 2020, blending a Balearic atmosphere and shivering chills with relentless retro-futurist hits such as La Plage or eau Salée.

A new EP is released in November 2022 with 7 tracks including Rayon and Tutti Quanti. In which she explores an hypnotic music, made up of bewitching synths and exotic rhythms calling for travel. With that ever present touch, crooner’s spoken voice over a jubilant synthesizer. La Colère will present its songs with a visual and singular live performance on Swiss and European stages.