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La colère is a singer-songwriter and electronic music and electronic music producer based in Switzerland.

La colère began rumbling in November 2018 with her debut EP “Surface”. A production that immediately won her the Demotape clinic Award in the electronic category at the M4music festival in Zurich. A prize that propelled her onto the Swiss radio airwaves. 

After a tour of major European festivals: Eurosonic, Reeperbahn, Sudwave, Caribana Festival, Antigel festival, she released her debut album ‘La Vague’ in January 2020, blending with futuristic retro hits like La Plage and Eau Salée. 

A new EP was released in November 2022, featuring 7 tracks including Rayon and Tutti Quanti, which earned him the title of Inouïs 2023 and put him on the French-speaking world. His subtly eighties electronica, doped with synthesizers 

Her subtly eighties electronica, spiked with synthesizers and haunting sung vocals, is a literal invitation to travel, while retaining that icy, dignified edge so dear to the Scandinavians of Röyksopp and The Knife. 

Her new EP, ‘Images’, finds her exploring a darker side, and the BPMs are rising. Hot, cold and gentle, La Colère will be bringing her tracks to Swiss and European stages with a singular, visual live show.